He’s Back!

aintitcoolnews.com  You’ve likely already heard that the former (played by Judge Reinhold) will return (and I won’t say what he’ll be getting up to in this one), but you may be surprised to hear that John Ashton’s being coaxed back to play the character he retired after ‘’Beverly Hills Cop II” (1987).
…Ashton is definitely wanted back for ‘’Beverly Hills Cop 4’’. Taggart might no longer be on the beat (he, as we learnt in the last film, had retired) but he definitely has a part to play in the upcoming Brett Ratner-directed sequel.

As pumped as I am about this I have to be a little cautious for one reason…whenever you see these three words together, “Brett-Ratner-Director” you can’t let your hopes get too high.  Here is a brief list of Ratner’s classic films…Money Talks, X-Men: The Last Stand, Rush Hour 1-2-3, The Family Man, Red Dragon.  Red Dragon gives me some hope cuz that was a pretty solid flick, but if he turns Axel Foley into fucking Chris Tucker from Rush Hour I’m gonna be pissed off…so lets hope Ratner can put a lid on his campiness and make a badass 4th installment of Beverly Hills Cop.

There’s no release date announced.


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