Hey Jets…Nice Effort

Bills Jets Football

So how good are the Jets?  I seem to remember they won the superbowl 3 weeks ago…did I imagine it?  I guess so, because today some noname QB for Buffalo led the Bills on a game winning drive in OT.  Mark Sanchez threw 5 interceptions and definitely lived up to his hype as the greatest thing to happen to New York since Giuliani had the homeless people secretly killed.  Honestly, I’ve never seen a team buy into their own hype as much as the Jets did after they beat New England…the fuckers thought they had the thing in the bag…but back to back to back losses have them unmasked and everyone can see that they are a below average offensive team with a predictable defense.  When you blitz every time on 3rd and long people are going to be able to beat it, I don’t care how many ways you disguise it.  And lets not let the Jets off the hook here and try and say the Bills aren’t that bad, the Bills are fucking garbage.  They are in the bottom three teams in the league probably with St. Louis and Tennessee.  So the Jets didn’t get beat by a good team, they got embarassed by one of the worst franchises in recent memory.  I can’t wait to listen to NY sports talk this week to hear the panic and bandwagon bailing…it’s going to be great.


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One Response to “Hey Jets…Nice Effort”

  1. DevilsYanksJets Says:

    i was at this game yesterday in the bitter cold sitting up in the 300’s level… from start to finish it sucked… id say 20,000 seats were empty and the crowd just wanst that into it.. you would hope to blow out the shitty bills but the jets showed why they are the most frustrating team to like prob in all of sports.. people were booing sanchez very hard most of the second half.. they didnt deserve to win my god have mercy on their soal

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