These People Are Normal…

Colorado   A sheriff said he was pursuing criminal charges in Colorado’s “balloon boy” saga, which first sparked fear for the child, then relief that he was OK and now suspicions of a hoax.   Deputies searched the home of the boy’s parents Saturday night, carrying away several boxes and a computer.  The parents, Richard and Mayumi Heene, met with Larimer County investigators for much of Saturday afternoon amid lingering questions about whether he perpetrated a publicity stunt when his 6-year-old son Falcon vanished into the rafters of his garage while the world thought he was zooming through the sky in a flying saucer-like helium balloon.

Of course this was a fucking hoax…there is no way the kid is in that balloon when it launched…that thing is flimsy as hell…a five pound weight would have held it down…so obviously the parents knew he wasn’t in it.  These people are really strange, the dad wanting reporters to leave questions in a box, the weird rap video he let his kids make.  Now they’ve got the fuzz raiding their home, you just know they’re going to find some questionable shit on that computer they took.  Apparently these people belong in the “we are all decendent from aliens” camp, which is all fine and good but you NEVER admit to that.  Looks like little Falcon is going to be growing up without his mommy and daddy and all I can say is he’s lucky as hell to be getting away from these freaks…Michael Jackson would probably have been a better parent, atleast he had roller coasters and animals and shit…Falcon would have loved it…not all of it…but most of it.


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