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Take A Look At This Whiney Brit That Bought A Picture Of An XBOX 1 On EBAY For $750

December 5, 2013


IGN:  Nottingham, UK resident Peter Clatworthy, 19, mistakenly purchased a photo of an Xbox One via eBay in an unfortunate seller scam. He spent £450 (nearly $750) expecting to receive a Day One Edition, but instead received a faded, printed photo of the console’s box.

Clatworthy told the Nottingham Post the seller had “written on the back of it, ‘thank you for your purchase.’ I was fuming.” As a regular user of the auction site, Clatworthy didn’t expect the seller — whose feedback was universally positive, which is reassuring for potential buyers — to mislead him. “”It said ‘photo’ and I was in two minds, but I looked at the description and the fact it was in the right category made me think it was genuine.”

“”It said ‘photo””  Case fucking closed dummy.  You knew before you bid that it was just a photo…what, did you magically hope the picture would materialize into a real Xbox during shipping?  It says in plain english…wait, they still speak english over there right?  I only ask because they use some weird “L” looking thing before their dollar amounts and they constantly get the amount wrong…I know this because an editor ALWAYS comes in later and corrects them…in this case adding (nearly $750)…I don’t get why the editor doesn’t remove the original mistake but I’m assuming it’s to spare the authors feelings…funny country.  Anyway back to dumb fuck.  It says it’s a photo…I don’t care if it’s in the home and gardening category, photo means photo.  So to complain after receiving what is inarguably a tremendous looking picture I feel is a bit disingenuous and not in the spirit of Ebay.  Quite frankly I am appalled at Peter’s behavior.