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December 13, 2013

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The team everyone thought would be a bust continues to win and win convincingly.  Even in the 9 losses Phoenix has only been dominated 1 time…against the champs…the dumb Heat…Plumlee threw down some thunder tonight…not sure if you saw it but here it is…


whatever, not like it matters but what does matter is this Suns team is gelling…no longer are we tanking for one of the top 4 picks…The Suns will compete this year…we will make the playoffs…and we will be dangerous…So Say We All (sorry just watched some BSG tonight)



The “We should be 6-0” Game Wrap

November 8, 2013


This will be a short one.  Eric Bledsoe is a beast.  4-2.  Should be 6-0.  Markieff.  End of story.

3-1? Ok…I Guess We’re Doing This

November 5, 2013


Welcome to my first blog since 2011? Maybe 2012…point is, the Suns are 3-1 and I’m feeling frisky.  Everyone, I mean EVERYONE had us winning 15-20 games this year…max.  Well holy shit and a Miles Plumlee and Eric Bledsoe later we’re 3-1 and a cunt hair away from being 4-0.  So why is that?  It’s pretty simple, we have one of the most athletic teams in the league.  From Bledsoe to Green to Dragic we have guys that can move the ball, get teammates open, and flat control the speed of the game.  Add to that big men like the rejuvenated Miles Plumlee, the Morris brothers and rookie Alex Len and all of a sudden we go from tanking for Wiggins to actual hope of a playoff spot.  Now do we get there? Probably not, it’s a nice start but wins over the Blazers, Jazz and Pelicans do not a contender make…but we held our own against the Thunder and tomorrow night against the Sterns (Read: Spurs) will be a huge indicator if we can compete for the post season.  So if you’re a Suns fan the future is looking much brighter than it did a month ago…long gone are the dismal predictions of a legendary bad season.  There is life in the desert and the Suns might just live up to their namesake and rise from the ashes.

Amar’e Who??

October 28, 2010

Oh just your normal everyday 18 and 11 off the bench.  Hakim Warrick just found the career fountain of youth…aka Steve Nash.  Looks like we won’t be missing Amar’e too much this season.  Knicks can take his 20 points and .0005 rebounds a game.  We have a legit double double guy now.

Best Season In All Of Professional Sports Begins Tonight

October 26, 2010

Three legit matchups to kick off the 2010-2011 NBA season tonight.  First we have D-Wade, Bosh, Lebron and the “hopefully shitty” Miami Heat heading up to Boston to lose to the Celtics.  Then the matchup everyone has been waiting for, the marquee event of the night, the rematch of the hard-fought first round playoff series from last season, The Phoenix Suns heading into the Rose Garden to rape The Trailblazers.  I give Greg Oden about 5 minutes before he suffers another season ending knee injury tonight…oh what’s that? He’s still not healthy and not playing??  This is gonna be easier than I thought.  Oh and Houston is playing The Lakers.  So there you have it, it’s basketball time once again!!

Suns Making MOVES!

July 12, 2010  The Phoenix Suns didn’t want their summer to be defined by losing Amar’e Stoudemire to the New York Knicks, and they made sure of it Sunday night with two major deals, acquiring veteran forward Hedo Turkoglu from the Toronto Raptors for guard Leandro Barbosa and agreeing to a trade with the Atlanta Hawks that will bring restricted free agent Josh Childress, whose rights the Hawks still hold, to Phoenix in exchange for a second-round pick. Childress will receive a five-year, $34 million deal from Phoenix.

Well I need to rethink my expectations for next season huh?  When Amar’e signed with the Knicks I was pretty resigned to Phoenix being a borderline playoff team and maybe even missing the post-season entirely.  The signing of Warrick didn’t do much for me, it felt like Sarver was just trying to fill the void left by STAT anyway he could.  The David Lee goes to Golden State and it looked like the Suns were S.O.L. for the rest of free agency.  However, the one thing I forgot was the massive trade exemption we got from NY for Amar’e.  Well we have now turned that into a pair of guys who will FLOURISH playing with Captain Canada next season.

Childress is an athletic freak and an above average defender who could easily turn into the Shawn Marion replacement that Phoenix has been searching for three years.  Hedo was arguably the MVP of the 2009 NBA finals with Orlando and almost single handedly stole that series from the Lakers.  He was a malcontent in Toronto but honestly who the hell wants to play in Toronto?? He should be reinvigorated joining Nash and Hill in the desert.

So what was a 42-45 win team last week becomes a 50-53 win team today.  That could mean the difference between missing the playoffs or getting the #3 seed.  Only thing missing is a strong big man down low…Al Jefferson is just sitting in Minny for the taking…it’ll take some creativity to make that happen but if Sarver can somehow pull it off I will take back 50% of the bad things I’ve ever said about him.

P.S.  It’s sad to see LB leave, but he should be able to start in Toronto and he’ll be back with the GM that brought him into the league.

Might Wanna Hold Those Parade Plans L.A.

May 25, 2010

Oops! 2-2…Might wanna worry about this series L.A. before you look forward to Boston.  You just got fucking EXPOSED these last two games…didn’t realize the zone defense my middle school team used to run could bitch slap you like this.  Keep letting Lamar Kardashian and Ron Artest shoot from outside.  We’ll keep letting our bench hit you in the mouth…Channing got his shot back tonight…uh oh!

P.S. and The Dragon did this

P.P.S. Sideshow Bob’s reaction is priceless…gotta love RoLo

The Long National Nightmare Is Finally Over

May 9, 2010

One eye? No problem for Steve Nash…Suns finally boot that pesky monkey off their back with a 4-0 series sweep of the Spurs.  Now it’s a well deserved 7 day vacation before the Western Conference Finals.  Whether it be the Lakers or the Jazz Phoenix will be ready to continue to prove all the doubters wrong…how’s this for a team picked to finish 11th in the west?

The Dragon Has Been Unleased

May 7, 2010

26 second half points and single handedly beating the Spurs in game 3…Goran Dragic just had his playoff coming out party.  Suns 1 win away from doing something in the postseason they haven’t done in a LONG time…beat the Spurs.

So We Meet Again…

April 29, 2010

Holy shit…did it really have to be San Antonio??  Obviously it had to be since The Spurs are responsible for Phoenix missing out on two titles.  We all remember this…

That play resulted in Amar’e and Boris Diaw taking literally two steps off the bench and they get suspended for game 5…Suns lose in 6

Then we have this…

Suns lose that game in OT and lose the series…bottom line is I FUCKING HATE THE SPURS!  I’m sick of them beating us and basically flaunting their shit in our face.  Enough is enough and it’s time to get the giant whiney flopping monkey off our back.  If we’re going to finally knock off San Antonio this is the year…now lets get it done!