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The Loon’s Top 5 Winter Drinks

December 5, 2013



ChicagoTribune:  Just after 1 a.m. on a recent chilly Friday, I’m seated at the center of a gorgeous parquet bar counter, perusing a collection of rare, decades-old spirits. And I’m sipping a cocktail through a jumbo, candy-striped straw stuck into a frosted milk bottle.

Such is the dichotomy of an evening spent at Logan Square’s Billy Sunday, the precise-yet-not-stuffy neighborhood bar from Matthias Merges. The bar feels equally at home serving an adult take on milk and cookies as it is exploring the subtle variations of Italy’s fernet producers of the last century.

NOPE! Sorry to Chicago’s Billy Sunday but they are WAY over thinking the winter adult beverage.  You don’t need gimmicks like frosted milk bottles and candy striped straws.  Sure maybe The Box Lunch is a great tasting drink, who’s to say?  But when the weather is frigid and the days are short these are the only 5 drinks you’ll need to hibernate with until spring.

5.  The Hot Toddy (Made With Crown Royal Only)

hot toddy


Gay name, delicious drink.  The Hot Toddy should be an absolute staple of winter drinking.  It’s the perfect after dinner drink or breakfast drink, it’s a versatile mother fucker.  Has all the great holiday spices like cinnamon and nutmeg and it’s hot so it’s perfect in cold weather.  Only draw back to the Toddy is can you really see yourself downing 10 of them during a night out?  Of course you can’t, you probably can’t even see yourself ordering one…but made at home watching a bowl game there are few things better.