Los Angeles Now Treating E-Cigs Like Heroin



LATimes:  Calling it a potential health risk and a gateway to tobacco use, the Los Angeles City Council on Wednesday voted unanimously to regulate the sales of e-cigarettes and other “vaping” devices.

The new law puts electronic smoking devices in the same category as tobacco products, subjecting their sales to the same restrictions. It bans sales from street kiosks, ice cream trucks and self-service displays, and requires retailers to obtain a license before selling the products.

Parallel legislation under city consideration would ban the use of e-cigarettes in the same places that tobacco is prohibited, including restaurants and parks. Sales of e-cigarettes to minors are already banned under state law, and 59 California counties and cities, including Glendale and Burbank, require a license to sell e-cigarettes.

The nanny state strikes again!!  Jesus salsa dancing christ California (I’m gonna pretend this is the entire state and not just LA for the sake of ranting) you really just have to regulate everything to dust huh?  Got to get your hands in every pot, forcing business to buy licenses to sell e-cigs has nothing to do with protecting children from this harmful “gateway” whatever you claim it is…it has all to do with milking the public for more money.  Electronic cigarettes are already banned for minors so WTF?  I’m moving to your liberal utopia one way or another soon and I’m afraid you’re not laying out the best welcome mat.  E-Cigs are the only thing that’s gonna get me to stop smoking real cigs and if I can’t buy them from my local ice cream truck on my saturday afternoons of children watching then I’m just going to have to stick to the real thing and die a horrible, slow, black lunged death.  Is that what you want?? The whole appeal of e-cigs is that you don’t have to get up and leave the room if you want your nicotine fix, so banning them from restaurants or parks just means I might as well continue to smoke the good shit.

Also lets talk about the whole “no cigs in parks” thing.  Now, I get no cigarettes in crowded restaurants where everyone is breathing the same recycled air and on planes and even bars, but parks?  Literally the most fresh air filled places on earth.  You exhale a nice cloud of smoke in a park it’s gone in, I dunno, instantly?  If you’re close enough to someone in a park where they are bothered by your cigarette smoke you are either murdering them or raping them, and then they have bigger problems than a little second hand.  Just ban tobacco in one sweeping piece of legislation, this slippery slope shit is maddening.

P.S. As a smoker one of my biggest pet peeves (hate using that term) is when I’m outside of the bar having a smoke and someone walks by on the street and fake coughs as they pass like I’m intentionally putting their life in danger.  Hey fuck face, you voted me out here, I would be perfectly happy having this smoke in the nice warm bar.  But no, you had to check “yes” on state resolution 1-2-blah-fuckyou and now I HAVE to be out here.  Didn’t think that one through did ya?  So now I’m gonna be the scourge of the sidewalk blowing my harmful carcinogens in the faces of toddlers and the elderly.


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