Does This Look Like The Face Of A Man Chased Through A Kohl’s By A Topless Woman Who Caught Him Peeping On Her In The Dressing Room?


TheBlazeA Kansas woman had her privacy violated while trying on clothes in a Kohl’s dressing room this week — and she wasn’t about to just let it go.

Jeanne Ouellette says she caught a peeping Tom videotaping her with his cellphone through a gap in the wall of the dressing room. Rather than freezing in horror, the topless woman instead chased after the man.

Ouellette told KCTV that she followed the creep, shouting “Stop! Help me!” along the way.

“I just screamed and chased him topless through the store. I know I shouldn’t be chasing someone … I was just enraged. I was at a store in a very private place, and I was enraged and I wanted to get the phone,” she added.

Ok we all know peeping toms are gonna peep and Jeremy Bradley here looks like one victorious peeping tom.  He started this venture hoping to just see some stationary titties through a small crack in the wall, what he got was bouncing titties on full display.  We call that an upgrade in the business.  How about the balls on Jeanne though? And by balls I mean elevated sense of self…she chased him because she wanted to get the phone back…umm…why?  What did she think Jeremy was going to do with the video?  Upload it to facebook or vimeo or vine or something?? Listen Jeanne, there is a code amongst us, I mean them, peeping toms, we (FUCK!) THEY don’t share this shit.  This would have stayed exclusively in Jeremy’s personal jerk off stash, and c’mon how do you say no to a smile like that?  Let him bust to your tits, trust me he’s the only one who wants to see them.

Screen shot 2013-12-05 at 1.53.49 PM

nice lazy eye…didn’t know KFC had a twin sister


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