CNN With Another Hard Hitting Story


I’m not even going to post an excerpt from the article because that’s not what this rant is going to be about.  This rant is about the utter meaninglessness of this story.  If the answer to the headline is yes then…what?  Like what’s gonna happen if they find out pot smoking gives you bitch tits?  All of a sudden are pot heads gonna realize that sitting around stoned and eating 30 packs of gushers might pack on a few pounds?  They already know that, they don’t care!  And if the answer is no then CNN just put up this article to get clicks because they know when people see the word “pot” they take notice.  I didn’t read the article but I would respect CNN a hell of a lot more if the answer was no and they were just trolling for pageviews.  One of my favorite bloggers does that literally every day, and it would be nice to see a major news operation having to resort to trolling its readers to get traffic.  It brings them down to our level, they are just whores like the rest of us, doing anything for that dollar.

Something else that really gets under my skin is the holier than thou opinion journalists have of themselves.  And this isn’t limited to news, it’s true in sports and entertainment reporting as well.  If you want an example of just what I’m talking about follow Omar Kelly on twitter (@OmarKelly) just do it for one day.  He’s the Miami Dolphins beat writer for the Sun-Sentinel.  Mother fucker takes his job WAY too seriously, like to the point where I think he thinks he’s directly responsible for how well the team plays.  He’s just one example, there are many others.  Point is these people think their jobs are life and death important, obviously news journalists are the worst because they have to cover wars and genocides and shit, but they still think they are directly affecting world events.  Maybe on rare occasions they do, but for the most part they are just informing dumb regular everyday people about stuff they have nothing to do with and that doesn’t change their lives at all.  So when I see stories like the one above it reminds me that no matter how important these news organizations think they are, they are just the same despicable bottom feeders like the rest of us.

P.S. Just a couple of Omar’s latest tweets acting like a self-righteous douche bag



yeah Omar, I’ll do my time because your acknowledgment means so much to me…..yuck….


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