Will Kobe’s Return Change Anything For The Lakers?

Kobe Bryant


ESPNLA:  EL SEGUNDO, Calif. — Both Kobe Bryant and Steve “The Traitor” Nash returned to Los Angeles Lakers practice Tuesday. However, one of the guards appears closer to a return to game action than the other.

Bryant, who hasn’t played in a game since tearing the Achilles tendon in his left leg nearly eight months ago, scrimmaged for 30 to 45 minutes, according to Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni.

“Today was a good day,” D’Antoni said of Bryant’s first practice with the team since before the Lakers’ three-game trip, nearly two weeks ago. “We’ll see tomorrow how he reacts and everything, but today was a big step forward.”

D’Antoni would not say whether Bryant’s practice performance Tuesday meant he will be playing in the Lakers’ next game, Friday on the road against the Sacramento Kings.

I know Kobe Bryant is a top 20 player of all time, maybe even top 10.  That having been said, I don’t think his return is going to spark the Lakers in the way many fans are hoping.  First off, we haven’t seen a post-injury Kobe, at least not an injury of the magnitude he suffered last season.  We have no idea if he’ll play a few games and get re-injured ala Derrick Rose, or even if he stays healthy if he can perform at the level he’s used to.  Secondly, Kobe is old now, he’s got a shit load of milage on his legs and one of them recently gave out.  I’m a Dolphins fan and I know how an achilles can change an aging player and Kobe needs his achilles much more than Marino did.  So while his return, whether it be this friday or sometime later, will light a fire under the Lakers (who are now sitting at 9-9 and 11th in the West) I don’t think fans in L.A. should get too excited.  Even if Kobe sparks an 8 game winning streak and the Lakers jump up to the middle of the playoff pack you have to be aware that at any moment one bad step could not only end his season again, but this time it could very well be his career.

P.S. The article also mentioned that the traitor is close to coming back too…but we don’t acknowledge the Canadian by name anymore on this blog

P.P.S. I kind of like being a wet blanket for Lakers fans hopes


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