The Pope Used To Be A Bouncer…Still Kind Of Is No?



YahooHere’s a line you probably thought you’d never read: Pope Francis, the worldwide leader of the Roman Catholic Church, used to work as a bouncer.

During a trip to a Rome-area church on Sunday, he revealed that he had once worked as a bouncer at a Buenos Aires nightclub before turning his attention to the church. That’s in addition to his time as a janitor and laboratory assistant.

This biographical tidbit has made the rounds before, but it was the first time the pope had mentioned his past employment since taking over for the retiring Pope Benedict in March 2013. And it didn’t take long for social media to pick up on the news and run with it.

From keeping trannies out of Argentinian night clubs to keeping gays out of Heaven.  Pope Francis is the bouncers bouncer.  In control of the velvet rope in front of the Pearly Gates.  Can’t get a more prestigious bouncing gig than that, quite literally in control of who gets into the most exclusive club in the universe.  I wonder though does he fall prey to the usual get-arounds when it comes to bouncers?  You know, 100 dollar handshake or tits in the face?  Now I’m not talking about in his current position as Pope because that would be blasphemous (almost as bad as thinking the Pope decides who gets into heaven but this is a satirical blog so relax) but when he was working the door in Buenos Aires…are there some Argentinian smokes (or former smokes since this was decades ago) who saw this guy get elected Pope and thought “holy shit! I got into the club cuz I showed that guy my tits!”  There have to be right?  In any case Pope Francis is easily my favorite Pope of all time, dude has been dominating since day 1.*

*If this blog is in any way blasphemous I plead ignorance and throw myself at the mercy of Pope Francis, the most kick ass Pope of all the Popes!  Lettuce Pray!



One Response to “The Pope Used To Be A Bouncer…Still Kind Of Is No?”

  1. 0manwolfpack Says:

    Hey man, I gotta say. I read your comment on the Stool LA blog and checked you out and I like it. You won’t hear me complaining if pres gives you the nod. Plus, you know your Thrones, which is something Barstool is lacking right now. Viva from Buffalo, NY.

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