Costco Labels The Bible and Twelve Years A Slave As Fiction, Ron Burgundy Memoir Non Fiction


LATimes:  Not that it really matters, but it appears Costco, or its book distributor, simply doesn’t grasp the distinction between fact and fiction.

Take “Lit,” the bestselling alcoholism memoir by the amazing (and sober) Mary Karr, whose extraordinary first memoir, “The Liars’ Club” plumbed her chaotic Texas childhood. At Costco — and I presume this is not a value judgment — “Lit” is labeled “fiction.” What an insult to an accomplished memoirist like Karr.

On the other hand, I can’t totally blame Costco for mislabeling “Ron Burgundy: Let Me Off at the Top: My Classy Life & Other Musings.” (Forgive me. I have no idea how to punctuate that title.)

The cover of this book sports a picture of a mega-mustachioed Will Ferrell, in character as San Diego’s fictional TV anchorman. If you aren’t a reader, don’t know anything about popular culture and perhaps haven’t been to the movies in a decade, it’s perfectly understandable that you might slap a “nonfiction” label on this faux memoir.

Perhaps Costco, or its distributor, believes that Ron Burgundy is real. In a way, I suppose he is.

Look I’m not going to get into whether the events in the bible were real or if slavery was real or any of that nonsense.  That’s for people MUCH smarter and dumber than me to decide.  What I want to know is this…whoever is slapping these inaccurate labels on the books at Costco has to be doing this on purpose right?  This is absolutely the work of some 17 year old part timer who probably thinks doing this is WAY funnier than it actually is.  Sure seeing Ron Burgundy’s memoir in the non fiction section is good for a grin, maybe even a low chuckle but it’s the book section at Costco so really, who gives a shit?  Nobody goes to Costco for their book section, it’d be like complaining about mislabeled toys at a Pharmacy.  But this being America I naturally found this story on the front page of the LA Times website, because any small mistake or dumb joke has got to be national news.  And it’s because of people like this…

But a few days later, I got an email from Jennifer Sjoberg, who shops at the Costco in Fresno.

“Personally, I think the Bible is fiction,” Sjoberg told me. But she was incensed that the store had the nerve to apply the fiction label to Solomon Northup’s memoir “12 Years a Slave,” which she bought for her son who is studying slavery and the Civil War. That literary work, of course, is the true tale of a free black man who was sold into slavery and the inspiration for Steve McQueen’s justly lauded new film of the same name.

I HATE people like Jennifer Sjobarge…Sjobergy? Whatever, just hypocritical to the nth degree.  Probably considers herself an open minded liberal intellectual.  Thinks her shit don’t stink.  Has no problem with the bible being labeled fiction even though I’m sure that bothers a ton of people, but fuck them right Jennifer? They’re dumb Christians so who cares what they say!  However, labeling a book about slavery fiction, well, Jennifer will not be having any of that!  It’s just this mindset now in America that if it offends other people but not you then you think those other people are dumb for being offended by an “obvious mistake” but the minute it affects you then the outrage switch gets flipped and anyone who doesn’t agree with your outrage it a bigot or worse.  How about we all take a step back and realize that the 17 year old pot head at Costco mislabeling books because he thinks it’s funny is not the end of the world and maybe we shouldn’t have even heard about this happening at all.


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One Response to “Costco Labels The Bible and Twelve Years A Slave As Fiction, Ron Burgundy Memoir Non Fiction”

  1. S>L>Reid Says:

    never mind that you feel the need to make fun of someones name, I guess the point she made was too valid ,so resort to name calling….like “17 year old pothead” Costco doesn’t hire potheads maybe you are thinking of Samsclub or Walmart. At least you showed what catagory you belong in INFANTILE JERK

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