Yahoo’s Controversial Sports Mascot List Is A Joke

william and mary


Here’s a link to the entire slideshow (I fucking hate slideshows) if you want to check it out but I want to concentrate on William and Mary’s “offensive” mascot…I mean logo for a minute.  Here was the write up for this one.

COLLEGE OF WILLIAMS & MARY: The college in Williamsburg, VA., dropped Indian feathers from its logo after the NCAA found the image could be offensive.  The school kept the name the Tribe and recently adopted a new mascot: the Griffin.

The NCAA forcing this change and not some special interest group is not the surprising part of this, that’s just what the NCAA does.  What I found so offensive about this list and this entry in general is that this is not a mascot, it’s a logo.  I did a quick (really quick) search and I couldn’t find any images of any actual mascot before they changed theirs to a Griffin….ok side rant, you keep the name The Tribe but you choose a Griffin as your mascot? Isn’t the name The Tribe more offensive than a couple clipart Indian feathers?? FUCK, I seriously was feeling good about ripping on the Russians in that last blog and no sooner do I go to Yahoo I get a big fucking reminder that we’ve been in the pussification game for a long time.  And our pussification isn’t some streamlined logical pussification, it’s a grab bag of pick and choose random bullshit.  It never makes sense, it always seems arbitrary.  I could handle this PC nonsense a little more if it was predictable…but judging from this story “Indian feathers bad, the name The Tribe good”  it’s fucking maddening.  I will say this though…I have a new hero school

coachella valley


The Coachella Valley Arabs bitches!! Fighting the good fight and standing str……

A California high school is redesigning its mascot of an Arab after an Arab-American group complained that the portrayal of a snarling, mustached man is steeped in offensive stereotypes.

Barack Obama smiling


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