UCSB Being Absolutely Dominated By Meningitis

You're Lucky I Chose This Picture And Not The One Of The Brain

You’re Lucky I Chose This Picture And Not The One Of The Brain

LA Times: Officials are suspending fraternity events and parties at UC Santa Barbara after a fourth student was diagnosed with the disease that causes meningitis.

The Santa Barbara County Public Health Department announced the fourth case Monday. All four people became infected last month and one of the patients had to have both feet amputated, the Associated Press reported.

The first two confirmed cases of meningococcal disease involved male students, the first of whom fell ill Nov. 11. The fourth case also expanded the group of people potentially exposed from 300 to 500, health officials said.

What is going on at The University of Casual Sex and Beer? Probably too much of that (if that’s even possible) but when you have students dropping from the plague (that’s what meningitis is right?) and having feet lopped off like it’s the battle of Cold Harbor then I think it might be time to put down the Sierra Nevadas and head down to the clinic for a quick vaccination.

This story actually freaked me out a little.  I don’t know about the rest of you but when I was going off to college I had to get a series of 3 shots for meningitis.  First one was at home before I left which my folks did all the leg work to make happen.  The next two I was supposed to get at school on my own…but I never did.  That’s bad right? I mean I legitimately could wake up in the morning looking like Tom Hanks from Philadelphia, all covered in lesions and shit?  I guess that’s the risk I took for having too much casual sex and beer in college and not keeping up on my medical to-do list.


2 Responses to “UCSB Being Absolutely Dominated By Meningitis”

  1. kelly gavin brooks (@kgavinbrooks) Says:

    Are you so ignorant or just sitting on some bar stool dominated by your own clueless pontificating?
    The strain of memengitus affecting students at UCSB is the exact same one affecting students at Princeton. The serogroup B strain is not covered by any vaccine currently in use in the United States. All the students at UCSB do not deserve to be sick because they have more fun than you. It’s also not an easy school to get in so do a little resarch on that. Students at UCSB and Princeton are not protected by the vaccines they received as protection from menengitis before attending college. Maybe you are referiing to your oqn affinity for casual sex and beer but it is clear that you have written an insensitive and equally stupid blog entry on a topic you clearly know nothing about. The CDC just gave a federal exemption to Princeton to protect students with a European made vaccine that is effective against B serogroup meningocaccal bacteria. In the Priceton case, it will be qiven WITHOUT FDA approval .

    A vibrant , smart, young college athlete lost his lower legs and you think it’s because he went to some party instead of keeping up with his shots ? I hope you rework your little blog entry so you can atleast salvage a few IQ points or appear less like a jerk, then perhaps donate to this permanently disabled student’s recovery fund… as an apology….


  2. The_Creator Says:

    ^ the tone and point of this blog went entirely over your head

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