So I’m Doing Something Different This Week

barstool la


So Barstool Sports is looking for a new writer for their Los Angeles site.  I live in Arizona so I figured “close enough” so I’m gonna give it a shot.  Basically I have to write a sample week for them to check out to see if I can replace the absolute disasters they had running the show over there.  So this week The Loon will be in barstool clone mode.  I’ll do Wakeups, Guess that Asses, I’ll misspell basic words (not on purpose but totally on purpose) I’ll create fake debates about whether you could live without marshmellows or clicky pens and act like it’s earth shatteringly important.  Basically I’m gonna do what KFC, Pres, Big Cat, Kmarko, and the rest of them do.  Probably won’t amount to anything but I’ve wanted a reason to get back into blogging regularly for a while now because I love to write and this is about the easiest/laziest way to do it.  So yeah, check back in the morning for day 1 of The Loon cloning Barstool Sports.

P.S. I’m 100% positive I could write about LA, the culture in Los Angeles is dog shit, nobody who lives there is from there, the people are vapid, self absorbed cunts…so I’d fit right in.


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