Who Called It??


An aspiring country singer looks to be joining the likes of Justin Bieber and Colbie Caillat – as one of a host of artists finding stardom thanks to the internet. 
   Fox 17 Entertainment Reporter stacy mccloud joins us with more on CJaye LeRose, a young lady that went from an unknown Texan to a youtube sensation 

What did I say about this girl?? Oh maybe I pointed out her videos WAY WAY WAY back in 2010. Like Here Or Here Or Maybe Here But I couldn’t have pointed out her talent FOUR times in 2010 right?…oh wait…maybe I did again Here yeah maybe the next time you all doubt my country music scouting ability you might wanna think again!!! American Idol has created 1 country star (not counting Pickler)…and if my count is correct I’ve created 1 also…so when do I get J-Lo money?? I’m assuming the check is in the mail.

P.S. I think it’s safe to say The Loon is a King/Queen maker…I mean for god’s sake do you think she would be in this random zero’s rap video without this site??
P.P.S 49 seconds…and nice golf shirts you hard ass…DON’T ROB ME!!! DON’T ROB ME!!!!

Also a random commenter said this on one of the earlier Cjaye videos I posted

I think it’s safe to say I had my way…Cjaye Lerose…The Loon…synonyms for greatness


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