The Best Laid Plans….

Honestly, does it get any better than this?? Stop thinking, because no it does not.  Watching “King” James disappear yet again in another big game is orgasmic. YEAH I SAID ORGASMIC!!! Is it weird Lebron failing gets me off?  Well, yeah maybe a little bit, but I bathe in the misery of others.  I’m a mean spirited spiteful mother fucker.  So tonight, my god did I burn through some tissue paper, my maid is gonna be fucking BUSY this week.  I’ve got tube socks full of lebron losing celebration all over this bitch.

Ok, now that I’m done with ALL that.  Lets get down to the real issue here.  Lebron is a fraud, if I hear another Jordan comparison I may fire bomb Bristol.  Here is the only stat that matters, Jordan in the finals = 6-0. Lebron in the finals = 0-2.  And so we never forget what LBJ promised, play that SHIT!!!

PS: Pat Riley at the :20 second mark says all you need to know, you can practically read his mind as he’s thinking, “hey Lebron, SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!”


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3 Responses to “The Best Laid Plans….”

  1. Chris Ross Says:

    You sound like the trailer from Bad Teacher lol.

  2. YanksDevilsJets Says:

    one post every month and a half or two should i never check again?

  3. themadchuck Says:

    How did you get so many hits on your blog? Dude you can check my blog which I update Daily.

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