OK…The King’s Speech was a solid flick, it really was.  The acting was great, I enjoyed every second of it.  Best picture? No fucking chance.  Best Director? No.  This is what I hate sometimes about the Oscars, they ride trends.  Now they don’t always do this, which is why it was great when Avatar lost to The Hurt Locker.  However, this year they were back to their old tricks.  I’m sorry, but as good as The King’s Speech was (which it was) it was about as groundbreaking as a marshmallow.  Why not just perform that movie on a stage and film it as a play? It would have been the exact same.  Which is why Inception or especially The Social Network deserved the main awards.  Christ, Nolan wasn’t even nominated for director which is a sham.  Yet, once again the safest film wins best picture…anyone reminded of Shakespeare In Love?  Fucking repeat city tonight.


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