The Loon Is Making Moves

Ok…I’ve been making moves as of late.  This whole Loon fiasco started because I didn’t want to get a real job, and for a while it worked out great.  I was blogging during the day, hitting up the bars at night…not gonna lie it was pretty nice.  Well recently I’ve gotten a new opportunity to start doing what I love again…and no it’s not 15 year olds.  I’ve just run into a gig where I can start making some original video content.  So here’s what I’m thinking…why not premiere shit here?  Pretty solid idea, just use The Loon to promote my bullshit…which is what I always used it for but now it will be in video form.  So I guess you can look forward to all of that…but knowing me I won’t update again until July.

P.S. How does typing “making moves” into google images get me that picture??  Who the fuck are those people?? God I love the internet


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