Jesus This Website Is Still Here?

Honestly, I abandoned this place like I’ll abandon my future daughter if she ever dates a black guy…I kid I kid.  Seriously though, I literally packed this crappy little blog up and left it to rot.  And now, months later, I get an e-mail from wordpress telling me my blog is doing great.  I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t believe it.  Yet, I come back and find that not only do I still have access to this place but my hits are through the roof.  Well I guess I have to start writing again…god damn you persistent bastards.  Anyway, I found something SIIIIIICK since I was last here.  Hope you enjoy.

PS.  If I keep this site running for another 2 months I get a free blow job from Danica Patrick…it’s my one year prize for buying my domain name from godaddy…not a bad deal…! it’s worth it!!


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