The Alien Prequels Need To Get Made…Now!

These movies have been in the works for years now and in the last month there has finally been some movement into actually getting them made.  Noomi Rapace (Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) has been rumored to be the female lead which is a good choice.  Alien has always been a feminine series and it needs a strong Ripley-esque lead.  My main worries for the two prequels is that Fox seems hell bent on shooting them on a budget far less than what Ridley Scott wants and they also want the films to be rated PG-13.  While I’m sure Ridley can find a way to knock 50 million or so off the budget, the idea of making the films PG-13 is UNACCEPTABLE!  Fox has a bad recent track record with the Alien Franchise.  The two Alien vs. Predator flicks were watered down bore fests and any thought of Fox trying to do the same with this project scares the shit out of me.

People have been waiting for Ridley Scott to return to the sci-fi genre since Blade Runner, and now that he’s finally decided to revisit Alien he needs to be given cart blanche.  Ridley is not a director that works very well with studio execs dictating what he can and cannot do.  Just watch his Director’s Cut version of Kingdom of Heaven, when compared to the theatrical version it’s a goddamn masterpiece.  You also have to question the studio forcing him to make Robin Hood PG-13.  Now they are trying to do it again with the Alien prequels and I hope Ridley doesn’t play ball.  He needs to keep his vision intact and the suits in their offices.

For now the ball seems to be rolling again and it’s looking more and more promising these films get made.  Lost’s Damon Lindelof is working on retooling the script and hopefully this will prove to be the work that establishes him as a legit screenwriter.  For now I remain cautiously optimistic we’ll get two R rated Alien films directed by Ridley Scott.


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