Starting This Weekend: The Loon Movie Reviews!!

I was talking to a buddy of mine the other day about stupid  At some point in the discussion The Loon came up, and it hit me…why the fuck don’t I write movie reviews and try to get them posted on RT???  It really pissed me off because I should have been doing this from day 1.  Christ I went to film school and all I do is watch flicks.  So starting tomorrow with The Social Network I’m gonna write a film review a week.  It’ll most likely alternate between new releases and older flicks.  I think people kinda dug my top 100 films of the decade countdown, so this seems like a logically step to take.  Maybe RT can post my reviews and get rid of that piece of shit Armond White.  Anyway, look for my review of The Social Network  tomorrow night (it’ll be late for you east coasters since I run on Pacific time).  Oh and 50 didn’t tweet anything funny today so gotta wait till tomorrow.

P.S. Here is the trailor for The Social Network for the 6 people who haven’t seen it yet


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