Just Call Me The Talent Scout

Cjaye LeRose….at this point I shouldn’t even have to explain


8 Responses to “Just Call Me The Talent Scout”

  1. DevilsYanksJets Says:

    im into this chick bigtime.. like in love.. is she becoming big?

  2. DevilsYanksJets Says:

    Ive watched this now over 50 times.. and ive emailed her soo absurd..

  3. You Suck Says:

    This chick is fucken awful. I am going to play in traffic to erase this from my mind.

  4. The_Creator Says:

    You Suck…jesus homo…man up and admit you beat off to this girl’s talent nightly

  5. Gaerts unit Says:

    Chick is my dream

  6. Who Called It?? « The Loon Says:

    […] have pointed her talent FOUR times in 2010 right?…oh wait…maybe I did again Here yeah maybe the next time you all doubt my country music scouting ability you might wanna think […]

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