So This Is The Ass Of The Girl That Really Runs BarstoolSports

BarstoolSports…a great site to be sure…I check it everyday.  However, El Presidente…David Portnoy…”Mr. Fucking Hot Shit”…thinks he runs the show.  Simply not true.  Sure his site is fucking huge in Boston and slowly but surely growing in New York.  Must make him feel good…makes him feel like a fucking champ.  Here’s the problem…he’s a snarky big nosed Jew with bitch tits..(notice I respected Judaism by capitalizing Jew)…now the physical description isn’t his main problem…his main problem is he’s a fucking HACK!  Dude tries to portray his site as some smut paradise, a no holes barred Mecca of smut.  This is simply not the case.  He’s a fucking politically correct coward!!  Banning people from his site like he’s El Presidente of the thought police.   He’s often claimed that his site has two rules…1. no racism…2. no bashing the local girls…umm…what???  So basically everyone is free to comment on his site but they really aren’t free to comment.  Those two rules make BarstoolSports a fucking inch away from being mainstream media…they also allow Portnoy to keep up the bullshit premise that his site is “By the common man, for the common man”.  News flash asshole…only faggot mainstream shit like CNN puts out rules like you do…you’re just like every other scared white boy in media…you are a coward in the face of anything that can be considered controversial…which is probably why you don’t talk about politics on your site…way to neglect something that could drive a ton more traffic just because you are a fucking weakling.  Keep sitting on the fence Portnoy…yeah say cunt and rip on chicks to make it seem like you’re edgy…you’re a fucking joke…there hasn’t been a single honest thought on your joke of a site since you created it, I don’t care how many hits you get…you’re a pussy P.C. douchebag hiding behind college humor.

P.S. No chin Jerry Thornton is the worst sports blogger in the history of the world

P.P.S. Jenna is going nowhere in life but she’s going to be light years more succesful than you


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6 Responses to “So This Is The Ass Of The Girl That Really Runs BarstoolSports”

  1. dimepiece Says:

    don’t cream yourself that someone just commented but what the fuck does the blog even say…. were you drunk when you wrote this?? get a grip kid jesus

    • The_Creator Says:

      not really pal…I read lots of shit and when I find some asshole that thinks they’re cutting edge I call them out…barstool is a legit site but by my standards they are fucking sellouts…I don’t hate Portnoy for finding his little slice…but he’s one step below TMZ…kid is a local celeb…good for him…but it’s not what I’m about

  2. akid Says:

    your fuckin tapped, go see a therapist.

  3. south padre texas Says:

    south padre texas…

    […]So This Is The Ass Of The Girl That Really Runs BarstoolSports « The Loon[…]…

  4. dsadsa Says:


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