So…Does Tim Cowlishaw Catch Shit For His “Prediction”?

Probably Tweeted About Revis Right After This Pic Was Taken

So those who follow sports regularly like I do probably heard that Dallas area sportswriter Tim Cowlishaw proclaimed via twitter that Derrelle Revis would sign a deal with the Jets today.  He basically reported it as fact.  Now here’s what I want to know…now that he’s been proven to have tweeted out of his ass what happens to Cowlishaw?  Pretty sure you can’t just make shit up unless of course you’re me, but Cowlishaw is a legit professional columnist.  Sure I can rile people up with rhyming celebrity names and declaring this and that but nobody reads my site so I have freedom to mislead people.  I play in the fog in the wilderness of internet blogs, just shady innuendo and speculation where I operate, Cowlishaw however takes a paycheck and as a result has to play within the rules.  Seems though that he may have tipped back a few and started rambling away trying to do his best Ms. Cleo impersonation.  He obviously picked today because he assumed Hard Knocks would have something to do with it, he tried to connect the dots and instead of having any valid information he just thought it would “make sense” for Revis to sign today.  Can’t wait to see if he’s on Around The Horn this afternoon to explain where he got his bullshit information…but my guess is he won’t be.


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