I’m Addicted To Opie and Anthony Clips On YouTube

So over the course of the last few weeks I’ve fallen into a deep dark addiction.  I’m a huge fan of comedian Jim Norton, dude is one of the funniest most honest comedians in the business.  I always knew he was the third wheel on Opie and Anthony but I never listened to that show since I used to have Sirius before the merger and I would listen to Howard.  Well I decided to see if there were any clips from the show on YouTube to see what they were all about.  Well, to say that there is an infinite supply of old O&A clips would be an understatement.  YouTube is fucking loaded with these guys.  I’ve listened to maybe 200 10 minute clips and I’m not even close to getting through all of them.  I actually watch Yankee games on mute now and listen to these guys instead…my addiction is starting to become a problem. 

These guys are absolute geniuses and their show blows Howard’s out of the water.  It’s basically what I want my blog to be, no politically correct phony horse shit.  It’s some of the best opinion stuff available and should be a model for discourse in this country.  Anyway, no amount of blithering can do it justice so I’ll post a couple of clips from the show and after you hear them you’ll definitely want to check out more.  I may even re-buy Sirius/XM so I can hear the show live everyday…but the stuff on YouTube is just as good.

P.S. FYI today is WOW ladies

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