Turning Down Offers Left And Right

Just got an offer to work on a television production tomorrow and I turned it the fuck down!!  That’s right!  I have to weigh my options and only take the high priority gigs…it had nothing to do with the fact that it’s 3 hours away and I got the call an hour ago and I’d have to leave my house at 2 am to make crew call…it was a principle thing…if I don’t get to sleep in I don’t work…it’s in my contract…honor that shit!


3 Responses to “Turning Down Offers Left And Right”

  1. LOL Says:

    this website is turning into your personal diary.. explain this getting laid by a nine part.. i cant believe it you need to prove it..

  2. Young jeezy Says:

    My president is black my lambo is blue and i put on fo my city i put on fo my city but mr loon guy can you post pics of yourself?

  3. AnTiViRuS Says:

    keep it real, iight

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