Wow…I Just Exceeded Expectations

Ok…I just accomplished something tonight that I may never accomplish again…I literally rushed home from the stupid Casino hotel in my town to blog this…I just banged a legit movie star…a 20 something year old SMOKESHOW that is gonna be crazy famous in a couple years…think Megan Fox but hotter and with talent…I’ve honestly never been so impressed with myself than I am right now…shit I am not the cocky type…but I can’t help but crow about this…obviously I can’t name names…I’ll just give a hint that I’ve seen this girl’s ankle bone…god damn…(be humble be humble be humble)

P.S. the idiot who made the picture I used is a fucking retard


11 Responses to “Wow…I Just Exceeded Expectations”

  1. Meagn Fox Says:

    You know what asshole! fuck you!

  2. Megan Fox Says:

    sorry i was drunk when i said that and i mispelled my own name. Im sober now. Its just what you said about me kinda hurt. I know you dont mean it its just like i feel what we had was a waist and i dont want that.

  3. The_Creator Says:

    well I didn’t name names but sorry Megan it wasn’t you…it was a younger hotter more relevant version of you…think you 4 years ago…but with actual talent…I take that back…you’re the same age…but she just seems younger…probably because she doesn’t come with the threat of STDs

  4. Mrs. Anti-Virus Says:

    I bet you wish george bush was still president now

    • The_Creator Says:

      ehh…not really…I mean the one thing I did like about Bush is that he didn’t give a shit about popular opinion…Bush wasn’t afraid to piss other countries off…Obama seems scared of his legacy in world opinion and only wants to piss Americans off….Obama needs to learn that being the POTUS isn’t a global office…he represents our country…he shouldn’t be concerned about being booed in Europe when he goes on vacation after his term is up

  5. Will Kess Says:

    I’m glad the drought finally ended. 6 years was it?

  6. In The Same Boat Says:

    Hey, I had sex with Amber Heard too, but you don’t see me bragging about it with no proof on an internet website.

    • The_Creator Says:

      Amber who? I don’t think I ever said I had sex with Amber Heard…so…not really sure where you’re getting that…you’re right that name does rhyme with Pamber Nerd…but not the same person at all

      • In The Same Boat Says:

        Ooopsie daisy, I forgot. We wouldn’t want Pamber Nerd’s lawyers to get involved with our juicy stories that gossip sites will want to republish, what with how verifiable and believable they are.

      • The_Creator Says:

        exactly…the credibility I have is off the charts…gotta be careful

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