Just A Reminder What The Loon Is About

Ok here is the first post I ever ran on this site

Well here we go…The Loon era has begun.  Now this being a brand new excercise in internet debauchery it will take a little while to get going.  Hopefully after a few months of hard work this little site will become a go-to destination for those of you seeking out some fresh thinking.  The mission statement of this blog is to create a place where people of all political and ethnic backgrounds can come together and bash the living shit out of each other for their beliefs.  Political correctness will not be allowed or tolerated in any way.  In fact it’s the one sure way to get banned from the site.  No playing both sides of an argument, no fence sitting.  I want pure honest opinions from anyone who comments here and I in return will offer my no nonsense opinions about everything and anything under the sun.  No topic will be off limits; politics, entertainment, sports, war, fetishes.  The Loon will cover it all.  So let’s get this going.  And once again…Welcome to The Loon!

That was and still is the point of this blog…to kill political correctness where it stands…but I had a couple of idiots who didn’t get the message…Montana and SP-blah blah 101 or whatever decided to piss and moan and spout off boring PC talking points in the Arizona Law blog…well you don’t get away with that shit here…they tried to label me as a conservative hack when I am most certainly not…they tried to PC me and I said FUCK YOU!!  I totally agree with their decision to fuck each other…that’s fine with me…but when they take the PC “everyone is special…MAAAAAAN!” viewpoint I’m going to light up their world like Hiro-fucking-shima…it’s 8:16 a.m. August 6th 1945 at all times around here if you fuck with me…I will destroy cities if you get in my way.  So man the fuck up…leave your whiney shit at home…and remember I am the law around these parts.  That is all…The Creator has spoken…now bring me your finest meats and cheeses you fucking peasants.



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