Comic Con Is A Strange Strange Place

Listen I definitely have my geek side…I like stuff that would have gotten me beaten up by jocks if I grew up in the 1950s.  But Comic-Con is a little much…for those who don’t know Comic-Con is an annual convention for upcoming movies, tv shows, video games, comics, etc.  Pretty much a weekend where all the best new shit is announced or new info is revealed and a ton of celebrities go…but so do the freaks.  Weirdos who literally pay thousands of dollars to dress in authentic costumes for their favorite movies and shit.  I dunno…if I ever went to Comic-Con (and I want to) I’d go button down and khakis and try and find where Blake Lively or Natalie Portman are hiding.  Not build my own storm trooper outfit and walk around being a homo for 4 days…jesus people…unless you’re under the age of 14 don’t fucking dress up unless you’re going to a Halloween party where they serve alcohol.  More pics of these weirdos through the link.


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