Fuck Assholes Who Copyright Their YouTube Videos

I’m fucking fed up.  I cannot tell you how many times I link to a YouTube video only to find a week later that “this video has been removed due to copyright violations.”  Or even worse when it’s been “pulled by the user”  Now most of these are when people steal from a major tv network for sports clips or something, and even that is crazy because you can’t find the clip on the network sites either so why do they give a shit if some dude from Ohio wants to do a mock video of the Lebron decision??  It makes my life miserable and a lot more stressful.

What really pisses me off is when someone submits original content to youtube and then forbids me from linking it to The Loon.  Ok asshole, you don’t get paid for how many hits you get on youtube, your video most likely won’t see any kind of publicity anyway, why are you fucking with me??  I don’t get it.  If you want to know where this rant sprang from go a few posts down to the “Dance You 60 Year Old Mother Fucker” blog.  I’ve linked to that from two different places and both times it gets pulled…like that video was some revolutionary internet video.  It was an old dude being creepy…shit, type “old dude being creepy” in YouTube right now and you’ll find something just as funny as what I posted.  But somebody thought I was stealing his content like it’s a fucking priceless portrait of Jesus fucking Mary Magdalene painted in Jesus’ own cum…for christ sake (I’m going to hell) your video isn’t that funny…I put it on my site because I’m a sick fuck…but if anyone thinks they’re gonna get rich from their YouTube video that they have to protect it from being seen then I guess I don’t understand the point of YouTube.

P.S.  The major networks can also calm the fuck down and let people link to their shit…last time I checked I don’t pay for NBC, CBS, FOX, or ABC and I fast forward through commercials.  Best example being that olympics video I have linked on the right…NBC has been hiding that shit from everyone since 2008 and it took me 2 years to find it by renting a satellite, beaming off the reflector on the moon and finally hitting a fucking server in China that basically tells NBC to go fuck themselves…and people think the blogging game is easy.


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