Way To Knock It Out Of The Park M. Night

I usually judge what movies I’m going to see by who the director is.  I think it’s the easiest way to determine a films’ quality.  A couple of years ago M. Night Shyamalan was one of the filmmakers whose movies I would always watch…now not so much.  Only twelve reviews are in for his new flick The Last Airbender but they are pretty brutal.  Some dude actually said it’s so bad that anyone who sees it should be allowed to join a class action lawsuit against the makers.  We might be talking worst film of all time here.  Pretty sad that a once promising director has now been putting on an unrivaled display of hackery with his last few efforts.

P.S. 2.3 average rating…pretty sexy

UPDATE: 2 Fresh 34 Rotten for a sultry 6%!!! average rating 2.9!!! Cue the oscar nods


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