It’s Almost Time

Just a few more hours until the most hyped free agency period in the history of the NBA kicks off.  OK…I’m a Suns fan, so basically the only thing I have to look forward to is watching Amar’e get the fuck out-of-town like he’s wanted for murder.  So this off-season is going to suck for me.  That being said I’m pretty interested in what’s going to happen with all these big names.  I still think Lebron is going to New Jersey, but every one of the “experts” is already saying that Chicago or Miami is a done deal.  Not sure what to believe here…but why the hell would you turn down an opportunity to play for a Russian billionaire who will probably keep a harem of sluts on call for you 24/7?  It makes no sense…if I were Lebron I would sign with New Jersey/Brooklyn yesterday.  Just a no brainer.  Why would you want to go to Chicago and never live up to Jordan’s legacy or Miami and share the spotlight with D-Wade?  Go to Jersey, bring Bosh or Amar’e with you and win some ‘ships.  The after you win head off to the middle of the Indian ocean and fuck some super models on your owners yacht.  Sure Lebron could do that anyway but I’m pretty sure if he goes to the Nets he could kill a few of those girls and Prokhorov would make sure he got away with it.  Just an entirely new level of excess if LBJ goes to the Nets.


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