What The Hell Happened Today??

Now…this graph is misleading in a lot of ways…what it’s a graph of is the hits to my website per day…now it’s misleading because it looks like I normally get no hits…but I’m averaging 300 per day and I don’t even add new material that often…so the line on the left that’s pretty consistent has been that way for most of the year…but something started happening June 9th…and since then I’ve seen my hits go CRAZY!!  From the normal 250-330 to close to 3000…then it tapered off a bit…but today…for god knows what reason I get fucking 9853 hits…umm…what?? Why??  Are people really that interested in the thought of Phil Jackson’s possible Prince Albert?? I don’t think that’s it…yeah I mean I finished my best films of the decade list…but it wasn’t THAT anticipated…don’t get me wrong I’ve been getting hate mail since January telling me to finish it or my family will be killed but I always chalked that up to your normal internet crazies not some out of control fandom.  Now do I love the uptick in hits??? Uh yeah I love it…but I need to understand it…so if anyone can clue me in as to why all of a sudden I went from a nothing blog to a kind of close to below average blog in a little over a week I’d definitely be interested.

P.S. The entry that got the most hits was for one of my Hanukkah Smokeshows from back in December…Amanda Bynes…fucking weird…I’m beyond perplexed.


One Response to “What The Hell Happened Today??”

  1. themadchuck Says:

    Did you ever figure out how you got the spike in hits?

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