Is This The Best Commercial Of All Time?

Saw this before the US vs. England match in the World Cup…has to be the best commercial ever…cars and freedom! that’s what America does!!



4 Responses to “Is This The Best Commercial Of All Time?”

  1. totallycrazy Says:

    so one post in 9 days? wow man calm down… and its just a youtube clip.. this site is killing me!!!!

  2. DevilsYanksJets Says:

    Totallycrazy… quit hatin!!!

  3. The_Creator Says:

    totally crazy…bro…I agree with you…I’ve been fucking lazy and I need to pick it up…but I am working on some dumb reality tv shows this week and next…I don’t get paid for The Loon so I have to do other shit to pay the bills…it’ll get going again…you haven’t been here since the beginning and I have over 400 blogs on the site…so go back and read em all…by then there will be TONS for you to read

  4. Beth Says:

    THIS IS AMAZING. Love it.

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