Mexican President Needs To Keep His Mouth Shut

CNN   Regarding Arizona’s tough new immigration law, Calderon said the potential for racial profiling with the statute “is against any sense of human rights.”  Obama said he thinks the Arizona law “has the potential of being applied in a discriminatory fashion. … A fair reading of the language of the statute indicates that it gives the possibility of individuals who are deemed suspicious of being illegal immigrants from being harassed or arrested.  “The judgments that are going to be made in applying this law are troublesome,” he noted.

Hey Felipe…may I call you Felipe?  Maybe instead of crying racism you fix your fucking country…how about that??  You know why Arizona decided to actually enforce border security?? Because your country is a joke and people are jumping ship faster that you can recycle used Corona bottles.  Honestly, if there is one person on the planet who has no business ripping Arizona it’s this asshole.  Fucking guy “runs” a country that allows a war between drug cartels to just happen…they just let it happen.  They don’t care…half their cops are on the payroll of the drug lords, people are dying in the streets.  Seriously, is this northwest Pakistan? 

Now this guy has the balls to fly to Washington sit in front of Wolf Blitzer and accuse Arizona of all sorts of stupid shit.  I’m willing to bet that Felipe hasn’t even read the Arizona law, since Obama’s Homeland Security Secretary and Attorney General haven’t even read it.  That obviously doesn’t prevent him from being able to say that the law will violate human rights…HUMAN RIGHTS!!  So starving your people to the point where they feel like it’s a good idea to risk their lives crossing a stretch of desert even Satan thinks is a tad hot is cool, but a Tuscon cop asking a guy he pulled over for speeding for his ID is over the line…ok I get it…I’m in the fucking Twilight Zone!

The only reason this asshole is against the Arizona law is because he doesn’t want his people to stop coming here…every poor destitute person that leaves his country for ours is just another person he doesn’t have to worry about.  He gets rid of them, they come here and work under the table, then they send that money back to Mexico to be spent in their economy!!!  What a deal!!!  We get to pay for their emergency medical bills and their kids education and he gets to sit back and collect a check.  Well the gravy train is ending mother fucker, Arizona goes official July 29th, then a bunch of other states are going to follow.  You had a good run Mexico but the party is over.


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6 Responses to “Mexican President Needs To Keep His Mouth Shut”

  1. The Center Square Says:

    Keep his mouth shut? It is entirely appropriate that the President of Mexico would have an opinion about a law whose purpose is to increase deportation of illegal immigrants back to Mexico. We don’t have any problem critiquing Mexico’s policies that lead to lax border enforcement on their side.

    Seems like an entirely appropriate dialogue to me. Let’s not be cowards, passing laws and then expecting people negatively affected by them to shut their mouths.

  2. The_Creator Says:

    this is true…Mexico needs to send back the millions of American illegal freeloaders in their country and we’ll send back theirs…it’s horrible how badly the gringo cartels are killing the mexican economy and how our poor are heading over there for jobs…damn our people for ruining Mexico

    • The Center Square Says:

      *smiles* good one. But that’s not my point. My point is that governments comment on the laws of other governments all the time, and the dialogue is appropriate. Think of the US’s criticisms of human rights abuses in China, trade policies in Europe, lax drug enforcement in Mexico and elsewhere.

      Don’t get me wrong, I support the basic gist of the Arizona law (although I think enforcement should be federal, not state). But I also think this idea that it is shocking and inappropriate for Mexico to react to the Arizona law is naive and foolish. Not, “Mexican President Needs to Keep His Mouth Shut.” But rather, “Say Anything You Want, Pres. Calderon. It’s Not Up To You.” Silencing critics always leads to abuses.

      • The_Creator Says:

        so…when was the last time a sitting American President went before another countries government and trashed their country only to be given a standing ovation?? Even when R.R. gave his “tear down that wall” speech he wasn’t in Moscow…OUR lawmakers allowed another head of state to stand in our country in our capital building…trash 1/50th of our union and they fucking gave him a standing O…that doesn’t rub you the wrong way??

  3. The Center Square Says:

    Yes, it does. But why aim the criticism at Pres. Calderon? Our government did the inviting and the applauding, not him. I still say that Pres. Calderon didn’t do anything that governments don’t do all the time. The Reagan example is a good one.

    The issue really boils down to how we feel about Democrats at the national level opposing the Arizona law. Personally, I have no problem with the general notion of national officials expressing their opinions. If people think it is wrong of the Democrats to express opposition to the bill, then they should also think it is wrong of Republicans to express support. Either national officials get a voice in state affairs, or they don’t, and it’s not right to let only those with whom we agree get a avoice.

    But here’s what I think is wrong. It is wrong to let the president of Mexico speak to Congress on this, and wrong to cheer him and jeer the Arizona law in Congress. But even that is just political theater of no particular importance. What is really wrong is Congress’s failure to take action and THEN act outraged that Arizona would do so. They have had decades to act, and did not. That is gross failure of leadership.

    Finally, I reserve plenty of my scorn for some partisans in the immigration debate. Congress has attempted, half-heartedly I’d say, to take up this issue before — remember McCain’s bill? But each time, a very loud few start shouting “NO AMNESTY!!!” to any effort to provide a penalty and path to citizenship, and shouting “NO BIG BROTHER!!!” to any effort to crack down on employment enforcement. It is a tad disingenuous to impose a savage political price on all the pragmatic options, and then bust Congress’s balls for not taking action. Some people in Arizona and elsewhere need to understand that their insistence on an all-or-nothing deportation solution is largely responsible for the federal impasse.

    Now you have the full range of my views on immigation issues. More than you cared to read, I’m sure *lol*.

  4. signs of acid reflux Says:

    signs of acid reflux…

    […]Mexican President Needs To Keep His Mouth Shut « The Loon[…]…

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