I’m Batting .500 In The Choke Game

Four times…it’s happened FOUR fucking times in the history of American professional sports that a team has lost a best of seven series after leading 3-0.  And guess what?  I’ve been a fan of two of those teams.  How is that even possible??  I know that I am part of a unique club now…and you know what’s hilarious???  Nobody on earth can top me!!  Of the four teams that have screwed the pooch this badly 3 of them are hockey teams (Bruins, Red Wings, Penguins) and the fourth is the Yankees…well since I’m a Bruins and Yankees fan I get to stand alone at the top of the mountain of shitting the bed because I’m not aware of any people who are Bruins and Red Wings or Bruins and Penguins fans.  Until an NBA team equals this “feat” I’m a lock for the “fan of the worst teams ever” hall of fame.  But with my track record the first NBA team to do it will be the Suns.


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