Suicide Watch In Effect In Cleveland Tonight

Get used to this site Cavs fans…your golden boy is leaving.  After tonight’s debacle there is no chance Lebron stays…dude looked relieved like he just found out it’s not his kid after the game.  He grew two inches from losing all the weight of carrying an entire city on his back.  Looks like those guys who did the Cleveland Tourism Videos will need to do a reshoot.  However, Knicks fans need to chill the fuck out too…because all Lebron has proven in his career is that he is a regular season superstar and a playoff bust…so don’t expect him to bring any titles to NYC unless you pair him with Bosh, D-Wade, or Amar’e…Michael Jordan Lebron is not.

P.S. How great was that “New York Knicks” chant when Lebron was shooting free throws at the end there?

Or could LBJ do what I really think he’s gonna do and shock everyone and look like this next season…


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2 Responses to “Suicide Watch In Effect In Cleveland Tonight”

  1. don't worry about it Says:

    he’ll be on the mavs

  2. johnstockton is a god Says:

    hell be on the jazz

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