So We Meet Again…

Holy shit…did it really have to be San Antonio??  Obviously it had to be since The Spurs are responsible for Phoenix missing out on two titles.  We all remember this…

That play resulted in Amar’e and Boris Diaw taking literally two steps off the bench and they get suspended for game 5…Suns lose in 6

Then we have this…

Suns lose that game in OT and lose the series…bottom line is I FUCKING HATE THE SPURS!  I’m sick of them beating us and basically flaunting their shit in our face.  Enough is enough and it’s time to get the giant whiney flopping monkey off our back.  If we’re going to finally knock off San Antonio this is the year…now lets get it done!


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15 Responses to “So We Meet Again…”

  1. LittleKidLover Says:


    I’ve been following you a long time. While I’m not a Suns, Dolphins, Bruins or Yankees fan, I do appreciate the current events you add. I’m particularly fond of on your comments. Your incites are so clever and whitty. Safe to say I’m a Loony Lover. I’m a camp councelor and I often use your blog as a way to impart knowledge on my young campers. Do you like kids too?

    Where are you located? I would really love for you to come and be a special guest for my campers.

  2. Grassonthefieldplayball Says:

    God everytime I read these articles I want to put a face with a name. I want to know your scent. Do you think about changing the legal sex age? No one jerks off more than me. NO ONE… Im talking 10 times a day sometimes 15.. its hurts.. i have cream but it stings.. the creams get inside the cuts/rashes/chaffage/ herpie sores/ gets inside the pee hole.. sorry off topic here..

    Sorry I just JOed… anyway… im falling in love you with and we havent met.. i bet your a tall rugged black male which is what i like… how can we meet? Im not a weirdo or anything just trust me.. Do you ever get the feeling were being watched? I do.. Im convince aliens are going to get us sometime during our lifetime.. do you agree.. I just want to be strapped down on one of their mats and let them expierement on me… they can do whatever they want.. rod up the asshole?? Sure… Id suck off an alien… I wonder if I can fuck an alien thats like 2 years old.. I love pre teens.. I go to atleast 5-10 Jonas Brothers concerts a year.. I dont care for the music what so ever…I just love watching them on stage performing.. bending over dancing… just being young and loose.. Anyway good work on the loon… I love you creator.. I just want to be inside you… what is your number

  3. Tears Of Joy Says:


    I’m at a loss. Your genius is inspiring. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! I’ve been so alone in this world for so long….but now I’ve found you…. my kindred spirit. YOU ARE. We love so many of the same things. Sports, politics, Europeans, teevas, bvd white undies (NO STAINS!!!) 😉 LOL
    Hypothetically speaking, what is your ideal date? I saw this youtue video the other day where a japanese girl took a shit on another japanese girl and then they spooned. I don’t know…would you be down. You could shit on me as long as I get to be big spoon….I’ll poke you.

    Please write back Creator. I miss you.


  4. Analbeedsarefun Says:

    Hey Creator,
    Greetings from Tulsa, word is you are a suns fan is this true? Are you a fan of the sun? I used to study the solar system in 6th grade with my teacher name Ned Butterman. One day when I was getting extra help he made me come into see him at 4am. I thought that was a bit odd but anyway he made me do some things i wasnt comfortable with. I just needed some extra help on the positions of the planets and the gasses that created them. Well he showed me positions all right.. He demanded the only way hed help me is if I was pantless and had to have a boner during the entire session. Lets just say things got weird. Ned took advantage of my youth as he proceeded to rape me on top of his desk and left his “change” all of the map of the solar system. He called the cum the the milky way. I dont know ive said to much.. Ned then demaded i “tea bagged” him.. he was 50 year old man at the time with very hairy balls… i still cant get over it

  5. Sloppy Seconds Says:

    Hello Creator

    I often stare out the window, JOing, staring, envying, jealous, life

    What are you doing now I wonder??

  6. Dark Lord Says:

    Pictures are pieces of us slowed by time. Savored in one special moment. Time machine.

    Creator, dost you believe is sorcery?

    Dost you play WOW. Be the yay….dost we unite our forces in battle.

    I the Dark Lord…you the Creator.

    Respond and be friend. Fail to respond and dost be an enemy. For life.

    Meet me in the Netherworld Creator. I await your arrival.

    This is out time machine

  7. Pantysniffer Says:

    The first time for any of us is special. Youre there hes there.. you both stare into eachothers eyes… awkward silence but you both are holding hands praying the otherone doesnt reject you. One of you reaches the others cock while waiting to be fully erect as all the blood rushes to your cock then you move in.. Who has the lube? Did you forget it when shopping at your local sex shop… Fuck no lube… no worries… use blood… it works just the same.. penatrate…. penetrate… penetrate… in his ass… penetrate… penetrate… extascy… leave it on his face for him to play with it… your turn now creator.. xoxox
    – Ronnie

  8. Thebattleofthegods Says:

    Creator vs The Loon,

    The Loon is a kind, gentle, sweet, kind hearted soul. He ejoys puppies and sunshine, the smell of freshly cut grass. His favorite day is Mother’s Day. Dating is fun but he’s ready for that special someone. The Loon reads to children in hospitals and works numerous hours at the special olympics. Hes great with parents but even better with kids. He gives blood every year and loves his grandparents. Nothing makes him happier than when a lost dog finds a home or the sound of wood crackeling in a fire place. 🙂

    Creator is strong, handsome in that rugged kind of way. He likes beer and wears blue jeans. He’s tall. Creator does not date. He likes to win. Creator has a johnson thats ten feet long. He punished his victims. When its time for kickball hes always picked first. Creator is… Creator can jump rope for ever if asked. Creator takes no prisoners. He always wipes front to back. Creator makes every girl wet. Even your great grandmother. Creator goes comando everyday. Creator never gets the six inch always goes footlong 100% of the time. Creator tips with his eyes as the waitress creams herself. Creator hates the fucking loon

  9. Bleach Your A Hole Says:


    I like what you wrote. Do you do Chat Roulette. Hit me up. I’ll be JOing.

    My mom is calling me.



  10. KY = Nectar Of The Gods Says:

    Creator when you “JO” are do you lube or are you dry. Be honest its cool. A little lotion always helps. Reminds me that im actually fucking a vagina. Big win for the Yanks tonight I bet your pumped. What is the weirdest thing youve done sexually, either to yourself or to another man. I think Joba works well as the 8th inning guy. Have you ever fingered your own asshole then sniffed it? The spurs depsite being a 7 seed can seriously take down some good teams, I mean look what they did to the mavs. How weird is it right after you JO you sometimes have to pee and the first few jobs are cum. Flyers Bruins matchup will be legit but I cant believe all the top seeds got knocked out first round. How annoying is waking up with a chick or dude and your in bed and all you want to do is fart but you cant because you dont want to embarass yourself. Holla at your boy playa
    – Shavon

  11. Limp For Life Says:


    Eugene here, I live in Florida but recently traveled to Arizona. The air was VERY dry.

    I’ve got a PROBLEM. I’m having a tough time gaining an errection. I try and I try and I try and I try and nothing. I just don’t know what to DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean is life worth living if i cant? Whats the point in life. Sometimes I just sit and stare at the wall for hours at a time. Everytime I drive on the TAMIAMI highway I want a car to come crashing into me dead on. I have no lover no kids and a dead end job as an accountant at a brita filter company. Can someone please end my life? Everytime im in the shower I close my eyes and drop the soap in hopes that i slip on it crack my head and bleed to death. When there is a lighting storm I take a metal bat and hold it high in the air. What the fuck is wrong with me I have nothing. I just want it all to end. This blog the loon is all I have. Before the razor comes across the vein I log onto to your site and it gives me a short moment of joy in life. Problem is I will kill myself if you dont respond within an hour. The cops will find me on the floor in a pool of blood and the other reason why they will find me is because the stench of my corpse will be so foul that the neighbors will have to call in. Again I have no family or lovers so it will be about a month or so before anyone notices Im dead. Kill me

  12. Mother As A Slump Buster???? Says:


    IF one were to go through an extended drought with the fairer sex, would it be unethical to accept an offer from one’s (*mine) mother to slump bust. My mom feels poorly that I haven’t gotten over my high school girlfriend (its been 15 years) and subsiquently haven’t had sex in quite some time. Mom has offered to get me over the hump. She’s promised to shave and has been working out so we can go a couple rounds. She even bought KY (I saw the earlier post). She says it will really boost my confidence with the ladies. I just don’t know….Tell me Creator, what should I do????????????????????

    I’m so confused Creator. Please help!

  13. Catholic Strength Says:


    Greetings from what I can assume is a fellow Arizonan. SUNS!!!!

    I hate to trouble you Creator but I have questions as it relates to what age the male child of God is ready to receive my holy blessing. I’ve been a priest for 35 years. I’ve bedded more unwilling young boys then you can ever imagine. Let’s just say, I’m the Wilt Chamberlain of Catholic priests. They are innocent and I am their teacher. Lately I’ve had less success seducing my young pupils. My age my be an issue (I’m 65). Bad press is not helping. You understand me Creator. My loins are longing creator. Please help me overcome my obsticles.

    Your obedient servent.

    Father John MacCavoy

  14. Girls are cum dumpsters Says:

    Anal vs. Non Anal.

    Hey Creator its Ryan MacScruggerballs from Westport CT. Im having this arguement with my friend about anal sex. Im pro anal for several reasons and I would like you to add your imput. Lets be serious here. Anal is the worst thing you can do with a girl. After you have fucked her in the ass you have officially dominated her. “Hey dude I hooked up with her before”.. Ohh really? “Well I fucked her in the ass… It doesnt necc make you gay its just tighter and sometimes when your cunt is on the rag and you need a nut and your feeling like you have some hump in you go for it. If you go out all night after drinking red bull or gin and your cunt is on the rag. 100 percent chance anal will be brought up. Its safer because no chance of knocking her up. Its sicker because you have then dominated her and you can also brag to yourfriends. Taking an A card is almost as sick as a V card in my book.

    How many stories have you heard about girls shitting after they’ve been blasted in the ass. I would never hit a girl…unless she shit on me, and then I would knock her out. God forbid its a girl you actually like. Could have been the girl you marriend and spent the rest of your life with. You could have had a sick life with this girl. Accept she’s on the rag, and you need to blast her in the ass, and then she shits all over you. Obviously you’re disgusted and you cut it off. You might give her another chance but you’re still getting over the shitting situation and so is she. TRUST me, she’s embarrassed, she shit on you. Disgusting.
    For arguments sake, your best bet is stick with BJs. Honestly, unless she’s into it (if she is, definitely not a keeper) its not that sick. If she’s into it you are definitely the 900th dude she’s fucked and probably the 100th dude she’s let fuck her in the ass. demoralize with BJs and face shots. Better satisfaction. Abosolutely zero chance of getting shit on.

    Girls are nothing but cum dumpsters

  15. Sketch Ball Says:

    Wife beater, white kswiss, jencho jorts, wallet with chain attached to beltless beltloop, silver chain around neck, diamond stud (its legit) in left ear, speedo sunglasses, ripping a Newport while sitting on his white Dodge Intrepid 1996. Molester mustache…licks it. He has a gift. six pack of natty pounders hanging off the belt three left.. 11 day old beard.. gut hanging out.. skinny pale arms.. nextel cell two way attatched to the hip.. finger nails marks on arms and neck (he doesnt care).. left forearm skull and cross bone tatoo.. right arm minnie mouse with tits tatoo.. swinging jaegar mister key chain around his finger.. this guy is legit

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