I’m Officially Obsessed

This has been appearing all over the web this past week but I don’t care if I’m late to the party.  How fucking fun does this look??  Literally the best time ever right??  I’ve watched this video maybe 20 times now and it never gets old.  But what really blows my mind is what I found when I looked to see what this would cost.  Umm, 420-720 Euros for a WEEK!  Am I the only one who thinks that is ridiculously cheap??  I really had no thoughts of actually going to The Yacht Week but for about a thousand bucks I pretty much have to right?  It’s almost like they are daring me not to go. 

Basically all the Ibiza weeks are booked which isn’t surprising since it’s the first link I tried and I’m sure the first link everyone tried.  But there are three weeks in August for Greece and I need 9 other people to get this done.  What the fuck am I gonna be doing in August anyway??  Baseball doesn’t get important till September/October, Football hasn’t started yet, the World Cup will be over…it’s basically the PERFECT! time to just say fuck it and go party in the Mediterranean for a week.  You think The Loon will hold up with me gone for a week??  Yeah I’m not worried.

Here’s what the money looks like…it’s ridiculous how little it costs

So no excuses…I need 9 or 10 people and let’s go sail around in Greece in August!



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