Calling It Now…Ben Will Miss 2

Charge or no charge…Big Ben will be sitting on the bench for a couple of games this year.  He’s been accused of rape twice now and the last thing Roger Goodell likes to see is a fucking pattern.  Listen, Roethlisberger is a great QB, he’s won two superbowls, but how many times can you be accused of sexual assault without it starting to look like you’re a fucking dirtbag?  I’ve gotten drunk a ton and fucked girls who are wasted and I’ve never once been accused of rape…granted I’m not rich like Ben but I’m also WAY better looking…so I think a chick might have taken a shot in the dark and tried to extort me.  I’m kind of  insulted it hasn’t happened…because I want nothing more than a girl to take me to court just so I can drop my 55 dollar net worth in her face and send her home sobing…it’s kind of a dream of mine…I’m a sick fuck…but anyway…Ben definitely raped this girl…I know it…you know it…Roger Goodell knows it and Ben will be in street clothes for the first two games this season…never stick your dick in a psycho chick…or rape anyone…words to live by.



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