That’s How You Knock A Mother Fucker Out!

We don’t talk hockey too much here at The Loon but playoffs are about to begin and I thought this would be the perfect story to bust The Loon’s hockey cherry.  During the game between Atlanta and Pittsburg on saturday Penguins forward Matt Cooke started harassing Thrashers’ 18-year-old Center Evander Kane after Kane checked Sidney Crosby hard into the boards.  Cooke is known for dirty play and just a few weeks ago ended Boston’s Center Marc Savard’s season with a blind side hit to the head.  Well Cooke decided he’d get even with Kane for the hit on Sid The Kid and they squared off…and this is what happened…

Evander Kane doing his best Evander Holyfield impression drops Cooke with a hammer right cross like you read about.  Just to put this in perspective, Cooke is a 31-year-old veteran and Kane was born in 1991.  The youngster did to Cooke what a lot of players around the league wish they could, kick his fucking ass.

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5 Responses to “That’s How You Knock A Mother Fucker Out!”

  1. bmqyanksfan Says:

    You should talk more about hockey! It’s such an exciting, fast paced game. Just watch one game and you’ll be hooked into it! LETS GO DEVILS!!!!!!!!!!

  2. bmqyanksfan Says:

    I don’t like that, but are you happy with the matchup (Sabres vs Bruins)?

  3. The_Creator Says:

    yes…100%…if I could have chosen a first round match up for the Bruins it would have been the Sabres…give me Rask over Miller anyday…Miller is BURNT OUT after a full season and the Olympics…don’t be shocked if Boston wins the series in 6 or less

  4. Solo Says:

    Dude b’s sabres is gonna be a war and may go 7….Miller is money…Rask will need to steal at least 2 games. I think the b’s can win but it will be a war. LET’S GO DEVILS! Hope all is well my Dolphin brotha!

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