Suck My Blue Devil

It’s kind of sad that during the course of my life I have witnessed my teams win 9 championships.  Too bad those 9 titles are divided between Duke and The Yankees.  So far The Suns, Dolphins and Bruins are pitching a fucking shut out the wrong way.  Oh well…it doesn’t take away from the fact that the most hated team in college ball just cleaned house.  I love Duke haters…because their reasons are so predictable…and they are always in direct contrast to why they say they hate Duke.  If you are a Duke hater I will now categorize you…

1. You hate Duke because they have too many “soft” “privileged” white boys.  So you hate them because they are a different social and ethnic class than you and you call them racist…except your reasons for hating them makes you a fucking racist.

2. You hate Duke because “Coach K is an arrogant whiner”…this argument boggles my mind because every coach does the exact same shit Mike K does.  I guess fandom wears blinders because if you rip Coach K you might as well hate breathing and life itself.

3. You hate Duke because “Duke always wins”…umm if you think that then you’re a fucking retard that knows jack shit about sports…1991-1992-2001-2010 is not always winning

now look at these celebration pictures and weep!

P.S. I fucking HATE those hats…talk about tainting a great thing


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2 Responses to “Suck My Blue Devil”

  1. bmqyanksfan Says:

    Why does everybody think I’m Elvis? I’M NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

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