10 Months Ago This Would Have Pissed Me Off

gothamist  Some sick bastard is toying with the bellies of burger lovers in Manhattan this morning by putting up signs at various shuttered storefronts announcing that beloved In-N-Out Burger will be opening soon. Rumors that In-N-Out was making a move on Shake Shack’s turf have been circulating for years, sparked more by desperation than any substantive news. And now a merciless prankster has exploited New Yorkers’ perpetually frustrated lust for the In-N-Out by putting up signs like this in Union Square, where the Virgin Megastore used to be. The location is almost certainly way too big for an In-N-Out, so there’s no fooling us there.

I’m not going to lie, this is pretty fucked up.  If there is one thing you do not do to people it’s pump fake them on the possibility of an In-N-Out Burger coming to their town.  Riots start that way, I’m not kidding, people get violent.  You all remember the looting and destruction that took place in LA in the nineties right??  Well that didn’t result from the Rodney King verdict as originally thought, in fact it all got started because of an announcement that the In-N-Out on Crenshaw and Wilshire Blvd was closing.  People take their double-doubles animal style VERY seriously.  Thank god I moved out to Arizona and have an In-N-Out in my town, because if I still lived back east a few fuckers wearing paper hats would be catching a beating…in fact I’m sure they already have.


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