Who Does This Chick Look Like?

And if you said Kristin Kreuk you are right!  I don’t know who this random nobody is in these McDonald’s breakfast dollar menu commercials…but she has a lot to learn about making it in this business.  Honestly…she must have balls…that’s the only explanation for trying to steal KK’s thunder.  Sure Kristin hasn’t done much since Euro Trip…STOP IT! Smallville doesn’t count.  She was great cheating on Scotty and banging lip ring Matt Damon…that shit adds to a career!  Yet, since her powerhouse turn in Eurotrip and playing what must be the worst part in television history…honestly Lana Lang?? You’re gonna be hot and not be Lois Lane??? Sure Lana Lang…sounds sick! But Lois is riding the Krypton shaft.  I still maintain this girl is far to hot to just vanish into the ether…so in honor of some random slut looking like you in some dumb fast food commercial…here is a tribute to Kristin Kreuk.


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