Is Anyone Else Tired Of Bill Maher??

So I watch Real Time: with Bill Maher pretty much every friday…I think it’s timely, it’s usually pretty funny, Bill has great guests…etc.  However, this latest episode kind of got me questioning why I still watch this asshole…now I’ve always known he’s an asshole, just a funny harmless kind of douchbag…pretty much like every other actor or comedian who tries to sound important.  Yet something about his March 12th show rubbed me the wrong way.  First off, he had two conservatives and one liberal on his panel.  This usually leads to the single liberal playing the oppressed minority card and spouting off applause lines that Bill’s sheep-like audience eats up and hoots at.  Well this happened all show…but what really got to me was Bill basically calling the black conservative chick a self hating illiterate all night.

To break this down you have to understand the situation…this all went down during a discussion about global warming…or as it’s known now climate change.  This woman (I forget her name because I was a couple whiskeys deep at the time) seemed to do nothing wrong except have the audacity to be african american and not a liberal…I mean of all the crimes one can commit this must be the worst.  Well, she went about standing up for herself to the dismay of Bill who at one point actually said, “I thought you’d be on the side of African-Americans” like that is the only thing that defines this woman.  Anyway, long story short…I’m sick of Bill Maher and hardcore liberals in general because of their selective judgements about people.  This may sound a little strange but hear me out in the next paragraph.

I constantly hear democrats and left leaning people talk about how they are accepting of everyone.  How it’s the republicans who are intolerant and bigoted.  Well, when I see someone like Bill Maher attack a woman on the basis that she is black and a conservative it makes me lose all respect for him.  Now I’m not saying that republicans aren’t prejudice, lord knows a lot of them are…but at least they don’t pretend like being accepting of all people and cultures is their number one belief.  Democrats are so far beyond republicans on the phoniness scale that it’s hilarious I even have to make the argument.  You know conservative republicans are wary of gay marriage and abortion, love the military and small government…while democrats love all ethnicities and creeds under the sun…unless of course you happen to have voted for John McCain, then you’re nothing but a self-hating warmongering racist…because as we all know that unless you’re a rich white male you have no business being a conservative…at least that’s what Bill Maher seems to think. 

Though I think it’s just an act…under all the bravado he’s just another asshole with white guilt spouting off liberal talking points because it’s the only way he can still get laid out in L.A.  Sexually abused failed actresses eat that shit up.



One Response to “Is Anyone Else Tired Of Bill Maher??”

  1. devilsyaksjets Says:

    i think you know how much i hate this asshole.. all he does is bitch bitch bitch cry.. hes the def of a liberal asshole.. sometime get him off tv now.. i want to personall beat the shit out of him

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