Nice Hair…Dick

(you can’t press play…so don’t try)

Seriously bro??  You go on Larry King to talk about your dead friend Corey Haim and you rock that fucking douchebag strand of hair??  That’s some massive balls you have there dude.  That would be like me showing up to my grandmothers funeral in bell bottoms and a sombrero, just totally inappropriate.  Great thing is Larry called him on it at the end of the interview and Feldman justified it by saying he wore it as a tribute to making Lost Boys III…I didn’t even know they made a Lost Boys II!!!  Seriously, Corey Feldman…I loved you in The ‘burbs…but you might wanna realize that your buddy dying is more important than sporting this little hair style that makes you look like an asshole regardless of the situation…there are Emo kids in Japan that think you look ridiculous.


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