Thank God…

I haven’t seen ‘The Hurt Locker’…but I did see ‘Avatar’, and all I have to say is…thank the movie gods it didn’t win any of the important awards!  Avatar did get set design which makes zero sense since the whole thing was created in a computer and the actors performed in front of green screens…but they were the best green screens ever I guess…it also won for visual effects which was a no brainer, the movie was cool to look at…cinematography seemed like the consolation prize, that’s a pretty major award.  However, Cameron’s ex-wife Kathryn Bigelow basically rubbed salt in his eyes with everything else…The Hurt Locker walked away with, original screenplay, sound editing, and sound mixing.  Then detonated an IED right in Cameron’s face by grabbing, Best Editing, Best Director, and Best Picture…bam..bam!….BAM!!!  A three-headed monster that snapped Hollywood out of its love affair with stupid CGI abortions.  Give me a story with real people and real effects any day over a bunch of pixels dancing around a fake forest, no matter how cool that forest looks.

So congrats to The Hurt Locker…rewarding my ABC – Anything But Cameron stance for this years show…now I’m gonna go out and buy it on bluray.

P.S. Glad to see one of my favorite movies this year ‘Up’ get best original score and best animated film…don’t fuck with Pixar.


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2 Responses to “Thank God…”

  1. bmqyanksfan Says:

    OH MY GOD! THANK YOU!!!!! You are like the only person who agrees with me. I didn’t see the Hurt Locker either, but I hated Avatar. It was a boring, long movie with good special effects. See, I’m not one of those people who think a movie is good because of the special effects. I actually care about the story line. At least to me, the movie was predictable, and a waste of my time and money.

  2. The_Creator Says:

    it was almost a scene for scene remake of dances with wolves

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