Jesus Russia…Clean It Up

Reuters  About 100 modern Russian tanks have been discovered abandoned on the side of a road in the country’s Ural mountains, footage published Saturday by websites showed.   Video clips from the website that were rebroadcast on Russian television showed local people clambering over some of the unguarded T-80 tanks that were parked in long rows in Kamishlovsk, about 100 km from the Ural city of Yekaterinburg.  Russian military prosecutors are probing how the tanks, Russia’s main battle tank, came to be left in such a situation, state news agency RIA reported.

Isn’t this just such a typical Russian thing to do?  Leave advanced weaponry chilling by the side of a road collecting dust.  The fall of The Soviet Union just totally fucked with these people’s organizational abilities.  They honestly can’t get their shit together.  I mean Russia is like an anarchists wet dream, where else can you take a drive out into the country in a Lada and come back with a goddamn T-80 tank?  These tanks were left fully fueled and unlocked!  I mean seriously Russia??  It’s a good thing all your citizens are scared to death of your government or else we’d have a bunch of twelve-year olds playing some crazy games of chicken.  Imagine if that shit went down in The U.S.??  You think there is any chance some hicks would have been able to resist the chance to hop in and start racing each other in those beasts??  Would probably give rise to a whole other version of NASCAR…but with tanks…that actually sounds pretty awesome…too bad our military does the tedious business of keeping track of our war machines…and locking them.


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