It’s A Showdown

Today at 3 pm eastern 12 pacific, we have ourselves a fucking showdown.  Canada is Ernie McCracken and the good ol’ US of A is Roy Munson.   Sure, McCracken may have dominated the sport for the last 15 years.  He may have won a gold medal and multiple junior championships.  He may have cut off our hand in the 2002 games in Salt Lake.  McCracken is cocky, he’s arrogant, he thinks he has the thing locked up…but out of obscurity comes Roy Munson to reclaim his spot on the top of the mountain.  Just like the US!  We are rolling into the gold medal game with confidence not even hair plugs can buy.  Canada better watch out, because unlike Kingpin we aren’t gonna lose and donate our money to the Amish, we’re gonna win and spend it all on hookers and blow…cuz that’s what America does!


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